Congratulations to the 2014 Southwest Leather Conference M/s Contest Winners

Congratulations to Master Valentino and slave Panda, the Southern California Master/slave 2013 and their contest producers Master George and slave Bren for being our newest  winner of the Southwest Master slave contest.  We are looking very forward to their title year! They will assume the duties of 2014 Southwest Master slave just as soon as Master Todd and slave Elizabeth finish at the International Master slave contest at Southplains Leatherfest!

To learn more about Master Valentino and slave Panda or the Southern California Master slave contest you can visit the Southwest Leather Conference website, or the Southern California Master slave Contest website held at the Threshold in Los Angeles, California.

We would also like to congratulate Lady Markette and slave Leonis, Colorado Master and slave 2013, and their contest producers Master Trent and slave kelly. They were all a pleasure to work alongside and such amazing people to meet! To read more about the Colorado Master slave contest you can visit their website.

We would especially like to congratulate our own contestants Master Justin and slave Cheryl on an absolutely amazing performance. With only five weeks they delivered the kind of polish and sophistication that can take months to perfect. By being the amazing people we all know them to be, they represented Arizona in a way that made us all so very proud to know them. We are grateful that a larger audience had a chance to meet these exceptional people, and that their very important message was heard by so many.

Thank you to Justin and Cheryl for representing us in such an authentic way. We’re excited to watch your title year and see all of the extraordinary things to come!

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