Eligibility and Rules


The Arizona Master/slave Contest is a feeder contest for the Regional Southwest Master/slave Contest, held during Southwest Leather Conference in Phoenix, AZ in January each year.

Winning contestants must be able to compete in the SWLC Master/slave contest in January, 2018.

Eligibility Requirements for Arizona Master/slave Contestant Pairs

  1. All contestants competing in the Arizona M/s Contest must be at least 21 years of age
  2. The contestant couple must self-identify as Master/Owner or slave/property for a minimum of one year prior to the date of the Arizona Master/slave contest
  3. At least one person of each contestant pair must reside within the State of Arizona, and meet eligibility requirements for residency as determined by the Arizona Department of Transportation as follows:


Resident Definition

You are considered an Arizona resident if you meet any of the following conditions:

  • Work in Arizona (other than for seasonal agricultural work) –or–
  • Are registered to vote in Arizona –or–
  • Place children in school without paying the tuition rate of a nonresident –or–
  • Have a business that has an office in Arizona, and that bases and operates vehicles in this state –or–
  • Obtain a state license or pay school tuition fees at the same rate as an Arizona resident –or–
  • Have a business that operates vehicles to transport goods or passengers within Arizona –or–
  • Remain in Arizona for a total of 7 months or more during any calendar year, regardless of your permanent residence.
  • Out-of-state students enrolled with 7 or more semester hours, are not considered Arizona residents, regardless of employment.
  • Active duty military personnel based in Arizona who qualify for exemption under the Service Members Civil Relief Act of 2003 are not considered Arizona residents.

4. The pair must complete and submit their application no later than September 1ST of the contest year.

5. A total of no more than 5 contestant pairs will be allowed to participate in any contest.

6. In the event that more than five contestant pairs submit applications prior to September 1st, the first five pairs will be chosen to compete.

7. An Arizona M/s Contestant pair is not required to go through a contest or other selection process in order to compete.

8. If a contestant pair does not win the Arizona Master/slave contest, the pair may re-enter the following year.

9. If a contestant pair competes and wins the Arizona Master/slave contest, that pair is not eligible to petition or to compete in the Arizona Master/slave contest in any subsequent year.

10. The pair must have been selected by the Arizona M/s contest as the current title year’s Arizona Master/slave titleholders and must still hold that title at the time of the Southwest Leather Regional M/s Contest.

11. Arizona Master/slave titleholders must agree that during the period between submitting an application to compete in the Arizona M/s Contest, they will not engage in interviews with or appear in “vanilla” mainstream media (whether print, television, film, radio or internet based) without the express written consent of the Owners/Producers of the Arizona M/s Contest.

12. In the event a winning pair cannot go on to the Southwest Leather M/s contest, and if the Arizona Master/slave contest owners choose to select a replacement pair, the title must be withdrawn from the original Arizona Master/slave titleholders who cannot compete and be awarded to the replacement pair.

13. In the event that the Arizona Master/slave titleholders win the Southwest Regional M/s Contest in January, there will be no replacement Arizona Master/slave titleholders declared for that title year.

14. In the case of a contestant pair requiring translating services, the contestant pair agrees to provide these services at their own expense.

15. The Arizona Master/slave titleholders agree to attend and/or teach at a minimum of four events throughout their title year with two of these events being APEX community events.

As the sponsoring organization of the contest, APEX agrees to pay for the Arizona Master/slave titleholders’ SWLC contest registration.  All other additional conference costs, such as room, meal packages, and participation in the Dance of Souls are at the discretion of the Arizona Master/slave couple.

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