2018 Tally Masters

Master Mark discovered power exchange relationships in the 90’s and practiced privately until 2008 when he joined APEX and became active in the local community. With power exchange relationships being his primary fetish and passion, he has been involved in numerous D/s groups in the local community and served as the Director for MAsT: Phoenix for 4 years. His current passions outside of kink include sustainability, permaculture, rammed earth housing, and creating a safe and sustainable life for his family.
slave tiffany has been an active member of local community since 2005 and has been in blissful devoted service to Master Mark since 2012. She is the current Vice Director of MAsT: Phoenix and is an active member of the Sub-Circle at APEX. She is an active member of slave namaste’s School of Feminine Transformation (SOFT) and uses those teachings to help her continued descent into ecstatic surrender. Her current passions outside of kink include her work as an Avalonian High Priestess and professional Belly dancing.

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