2018 Arizona Master Slave Contest Judges

Please help us to celebrate our 2018 Arizona Master Slave Contest Judges Assistant and Judges.

Our 2018 Judge’s Assistant


LilEllagirl has been involved in the BDSM lifestyle since she was 19 and has come to identify as submissive, slave, little girl, and occasional Switch.  Ella also identifies with the Leather Lifestyle and is currently training as a Bootblack. She has been a member of APEX- Arizona Power Exchange for over 12 years.  Has taught and also helped in presenting/demoing many classes at APEX, Desert Dominion, Southwest Leather Conference and other groups around Arizona. Ella is a graduate of The Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts.  She is the founder of the Arizona Chapter of Hitchin’ Bitches International and has been in leadership positions for many different groups including having been on the Executive Committee for APEX. Ella always looks forward to ways that she can give back to her community through service and education.

Our 2018 Judges

Miss Rose

Miss Rose and her family have been active members of the Arizona BDSM community since 1998. She often travels nationally to present classes, demos and workshops on discipline, erotic spanking and assorted other topics at many venues. As the maker and wielder of a wide array of stunning Exotic Hardwood paddles, she should be considered a top authority on spanking and impact play.

Miss Rose is owner of Compassrose Creations, LLC. and along with the help of LB Sir and their Pixie, she is the artist behind some of the most beautiful exotic hardwood paddles, genitorture devices and sensation toys to be had, anywhere.


Deena (slave-Deena)

Deena (slave-Deena) is a masochistic, polyamorous slave who has been involved in the local community for almost 7 years. She has been serving her current Master for 7 years.

After joining the local community, Deena quickly began getting involved in various local groups and conventions. She has served various areas of the Phoenix community throughout her time here. She has served on the TNG-AZ board for four terms, was the 2017/2018 SWLC Assistant Director, currently helps out Desert Bound with their volunteer coordinator position and has served in the past for MAsT: Phoenix as secretary. She also gains joy through educating people around the community about consent, BDSM and power exchange.

Her current primary group affiliations include TNG-AZ, APEX, MAsT: Phoenix and the Arizona Shibari Studio.


Bowman_Sir began his journey into the BDSM Lifestyle about 10 years ago and throughout his walk, he identifies mostly with the Leather lifestyle as a Dominant and Daddy and on occasion a Sadistic Bastard.  He enjoys giving back to his community having served in leadership roles, as well as volunteering his time when able for charity events, conferences, and local clubs. He enjoys facilitating classes and teaching people to play with their chosen toys with an emphasis on needles, blood play and all things pokey.  Bowman has taught and helped demo for classes and events at his home dungeon of APEX, as well as Desert Dominion. He’s always eager to assist, teach and pay forward the time and knowledge that was given to him.


Master Phoenyx

Master Phoenyx has been a member of APEX for the past two years – though he has been aware of his own Domly Dom-ness for the past ten. Since joining APEX he has immersed himself in the education offered with their classes as well as the knowledge to be gained from fellow members and practitioners on a more informal basis. A lovable nerd and avid gamer, Master Phoenyx is the host of the APEX Game Nights. He is also a member of the GAP and, along with his slave Tidbit, a member of the Phoenix MAST chapter. In 2017 he began volunteering his services to the APEX board of directors and is dedicated to helping the local community in whatever way he can.



Master Aki
Master Aki has been in the lifestyle for over 15 years. Eight years ago, she joined the local community, starting with TNG AZ. Shortly after joining TNG, she started searching for M/s education and peer support and so sought out MAsT: Phoenix and APEX.  She served as the Vice Director of MAsT: Phoenix from September 2014 until she stepped up to be the Director of MAsT: Phoenix in April of 2016. She is still currently the Director of MAsT: Phoenix, a member of TNG, and a member of APEX.  She is currently served by slave Josh and they have enjoyed a Master/slave relationship for over 6 years together.

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